The provision of well-equipped laboratories and a library at AMBARI showcases a commitment to providing students with hands-on learning experiences and access to a wealth of information. Let's explore the significance of each

Physics Lab:

A well-equipped Physics lab is essential for conducting practical experiments and demonstrations. It provides students with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts, verify laws, and enhance their understanding of physics through hands-on activities.

Chemistry Lab:

A Chemistry lab is crucial for conducting experiments that involve chemical reactions, measurements, and analysis. It allows students to explore and understand the principles of chemistry in a practical and tangible way, fostering a deeper appreciation for the subject.

Computer Lab:

The Computer lab serves as a hub for students to explore the world of technology and information. It provides hands-on experience with software applications, programming languages, and internet resources, helping students develop essential digital literacy and technical skills.

Biology Lab:

A Biology lab is designed for practical exploration in the field of biology. It allows students to conduct experiments, dissect specimens, and observe biological processes first-hand. This hands-on experience is invaluable for understanding complex biological concepts.

Maths Lab:

A Maths lab is a dynamic space for interactive learning. It typically includes tools, models, and activities that make abstract mathematical concepts more tangible and accessible. The lab encourages students to explore and experiment with mathematical ideas, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject.


A well-stocked library is a treasure trove for students, offering a wide range of books for all age groups. From reference materials to fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and journals, the library serves as a resource hub that supports both academic studies and recreational reading. It promotes a culture of reading and self-directed learning.

In summary, the laboratories and library at AMBARI contribute significantly to the holistic education of students. The hands-on experiences provided in the laboratories enhance practical knowledge in science and technology, while the library serves as a hub for academic resources and promotes a love for reading and continuous learning. These facilities play a vital role in fostering a rich and engaging learning environment.